Spice up your BBQ with this vodka salad, as seen on Fox News

Spice up your BBQ with this vodka salad, as seen on Fox News

It’s time to shake things up. This year, when you’re asked to bring a salad to a deck or pool party bypass the kale and arugula. Instead get your veggies on with a fiber-packed cocktail. A vodka salad is an inventive way to start off your evening. It’s just one of several fruit and veggie cocktails that actress turned food scientist Leila Arcieri shared when she appeared on San Diego’s Fox News. We love her recipes and her suggestion of sprinkling Regular Girl into your first drink to curb your cravings.

Arcieri’s summer-savvy cocktails

  • Vodka Salad

While it shouldn’t be your go-to vegetable dish, vodka salad makes a tantalizing cocktail. “Juice some carrots and peppers,” said Arcieri. “Then put in a little Stir sweetener.” Stir is a low-glycemic natural sweetener which has fewer calories than sugar plus appetite-controlling fiber. “Add a little vodka and shake it up. It’s delicious. It’s a party!”

  • Spicy Hawaiian

Blend fresh pineapple with red peppers and sparkling water. Then add vodka to taste.  “It’s nice and spicy and delicious,” said Arcieri.

  • Midnight Smash

“This is my favorite,” she admitted. “Blackberries smashed up with some Stir sweetener and a little bit (or a lotta bit) of bourbon.”

The crave-controlling special touch

Arcieri suggested one more addition to her cocktails to keep your body bikini ready. “I like to put in some extra fiber. I use Regular Girl.” Each serving of Regular Girl contains five grams of appetite-appeasing soluble fiber. “Put it in your first drink when you get to the BBQ, and then you’re not starving and hovering over the food table the whole time,” she explained.

Keep Regular Girl’s on-the-go packets in your purse so you’re ready to add it to your first drink regardless of location. Be extra prepared for your next party by ordering Regular Girl’s Starter Kit which includes 15 convenient packets and a reusable BPA-free water bottle (also suitable for vodka salad).

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