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How to achieve the perfect poo

by | Oct 13, 2022 | Featured, In the News

How are things going for you in the bathroom? Appearing on CityLine TV, functional medicine practitioner Bryce Wylde, BSc, DHMHS invited the host Tracy Moore to pull up a stool (pun intended) to learn what to do about constipation.

“Here’s a shocker: 30% of us are constipated,” Wylde began, cautioning that constipation can lead to stress and irritable bowel syndrome. What’s going on? “So many of us aren’t getting enough fiber in our diet. We need seven servings of fruits and vegetables — the whole rainbow — every single day. That equates to seven cups!”

Dehydration, pregnancy and some medications may also cause constipation, so it’s important to talk with your doctor if you’re spending too much time in the bathroom.

Your poo should be poo-rific!
You want to get in and out of the bathroom quickly, so you’re ready for your day. Wylde literally lifted the toilet seats to reveal what poo should and shouldn’t look like, based on the Bristol Stool Chart. Surprisingly, whether stool looks loose, or round and hard like mini doughnuts, either could be a sign of constipation.

Wylde enthused to achieve poo-phoria you want poo that is, “All in one. It’s an S-shape. It dives into the toilet bowl like an Olympic diver. There’s no splash back. No mess. And guess what? You’re done in under three minutes.”

Don’t hold back and other tips:

  • Don’t pause the urge. “When you’re ready, you need to go. Don’t hold it,” Wylde advised. Holding it may lead to constipation.
  • Passing gas up to 20 times a day is normal. “But if you’re sitting in a room and you’re tooting left, right and center, it’s an alarm signal. You’ve got to go to the washroom … gas will come out with the poo.”
  • Track the corn! It’s normal to see corn in your stool because it is insoluble fiber. It’s also a great way to do a transit time test. “When you consume corn, you’re looking for it to show up in your stool about 24 hours later, give or take a couple hours.”

An easier solution than TikTok’s internal shower
Wylde mentions ‘gloppy’ problems with the concoction trending on TikTok that supposedly helps with constipation. (Plus, who has time to assemble all those ingredients?) In reality, one daily scoop of Regular Girl mixed into water is a faster, easier, more comfortable and effective option. “Those may work, but this,” he said pointing to the Regular Girl canister, “is what’s going to keep you regular.”

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