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Help your patients get on the road to true regularity

Soluble fiber and helpful probiotics can support intestinal health, yet many people struggle to get enough. You can help your patients boost their intake by suggesting Regular Girl. Unlike other fibers that move food through the body too quickly or too slowly, Regular Girl is an easy-to-take (and easy-to-love) synbiotic blend of prebiotic fiber and beneficial bacteria that helps food move through the body at just the right pace, without troublesome gas and bloating. Trips to the bathroom may become a lot more pleasant.

Specially formulated to leave tummy troubles behind

Regular Girl uses clinically proven guar fiber (Sunfiber) as its fiber source. This revolutionary fiber has been shown in more than 120 clinical studies to support digestive health without the uncomfortable side effects common with high-fiber foods or fiber supplements made with psyllium, wheat or chicory. Regular Girl’s probiotics work in harmony with the fiber, replenishing the body’s good bacteria and supporting intestinal and immune health. With regular use, your patients may be able to say goodbye to occasional constipation and diarrhea.

Developed with the help of a woman nutritionist and dietitian

Supporting digestive health has never been easier. Regular Girl is tasteless, colorless and odorless when mixed into water or juice. It dissolves rapidly and won’t alter a food or drink’s taste or texture making it simple to add to everyday foods. Plus, it’s 100 percent all natural, gluten free, Non-GMO Project Verified, certified Organic, Kosher and vegetarian. What’s not to love?

Benefits of Regular Girl

  • Excellent source of prebiotic soluble fiber.
  • Delivers true regularity without excess gas or bloating.*
  • Promotes balanced digestive health.*
  • Each serving contains 5 g prebiotic fiber and 8 billion active probiotics at time of manufacture.
  • Helps support favorable intestinal microflora.*
  • Offers a healthy and comfortable feeling of satiety.*
  • Low FODMAP Certified.
  • Non-GMO Project Verified.
  • Dissolves quickly and completely. No taste, odor, or grit.
  • 100% all natural and gluten free.
  • Certified Kosher and Vegetarian.
  • USDA Organic Certified.

Trusted by Health Professionals

"Regular Girl’s cool single serve on-the-go stick packs help women gain control over their digestive health, so they can return to their confident, balanced selves"

Dr. Felicia Stoler
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist and author of "Living Skinny in Fat Genes"

"Nobody has the time for irregularity. I recommend Regular Girl to all women because it makes regular feel spectacular. What goes in, must come out. If you're stuck, Regular Girl is here to help! Your health is an investment, not an expense. I love Regular Girl because it is an investment that keeps paying back day after day."

Bryce Wylde
DHMHS, Alternative Health Expert, Medical Advisor Dr. OZ Show.

"What I love about Regular Girl is that it's clear mixing and provides amazing benefits for your digestive tract. As a pharmacist, I advise patients all the time on the importance of fiber and probiotics for regularity. With Regular Girl you get the best of both of these key ingredients combined into one easy to take product."

Sherry Torkos
Holistic Pharmacist, Certified Fitness Instructor and author of The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Saving Women’s Hearts, and The Glycemic Index Made Simple.

"As a pediatrician, I study the research before recommending products to patients and my own family. For supplemental fiber and overall gut health, look for a truly regulating prebiotic fiber and probiotics, such as Regular Girl, that is suitable for daily use."

William Sears
MD, Pediatrician and noted author on family health.

"Staying regular is the best way to get a flat tummy and fit into your skinny jeans. Regular Girl’s fiber and probiotics help you radiate confidence from the inside out."

Lisa Lynn
Fitness Expert and Specialist in Weight Loss and Metabolic Disorders.

"There are two things to say about Regular Girl. First, it’s a terrific product, an elegant formula that mixes prebiotic fiber (Sunfiber) with one of the most important strains of probiotics for gut health (Bifidobacterium lactis). And second - it’s not just for girls."

Jonny Bowden
PhD, CNS - The Nutrition Myth Buster™, board-certified nutritionist and best-selling author of 15 books including The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth.

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