You asked and we delivered: Regular Girl is now available in Australia

You asked and we delivered: Regular Girl is now available in Australia

Here’s good news for those who live down under. Regular Girl is now available in Australia via the FODShop website. We’re thrilled that our Aussie friends can finally access our body-pleasing blend of prebiotic fiber and probiotics without the hassle of international shipping.

FODShop is a one-stop-shop for those looking for tummy-friendly foods. It carries a wide variety of low-FODMAP foods and supplements, and also offers tips and recipes. Reducing FODMAP consumption helps many people manage their irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, occasional constipation, bloating and other digestive symptoms* Regular Girl is a Monash University low-FODMAP certified product. It’s also gluten-free, Kosher and Halal.

Confused about FODMAPs? Learn more in The Regular Girl’s Guide to the Low-FODMAP diet.

Regular Girl is for every belly

You don’t need to be prescribed a low-FODMAP diet to enjoy Regular Girl’s benefits. Every belly – male or female, young or old, big or small – enjoys the comfortable feeling that being regular provides. And because Regular Girl’s soluble fiber is easy on the belly, there’s no need to worry about excess gas or bloating.

Benefits beyond the belly

Regular Girl does more than keep you regular. Its prebiotic fiber feeds the body’s good bacteria helping them thrive. One serving also contains 8 billion clinically proven probiotics. Bifidobacterium lactis for the win! These good bugs work in harmony with the fiber, supporting your microbiome and promoting overall wellness.*

Regular Girl’s soluble fiber also helps manage appetite by keeping you feeling fuller longer and helps reduce that aggravating post-meal glucose spike by moderating the glycemic index of foods.* She’s a beauty!

Visit FODShop

Our Aussie mates can order Regular Girl direct from the FODShop website. It’s one of more than 200 tummy-pleasing and nutritionist-approved products available to help you live a more comfortable life.

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