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Our poop chart is TV nutritionist’s favorite find

We get it. Talking about poop is awkward. So we don’t mind that Nutritionist Deborah Enos giggled when talking about our poop chart with Seattle’s Fox news team. We love a good laugh, too. But our heart skipped a beat when Enos called our chart one of her top finds from the 2019 Natural Products Expo West conference. That’s one of the biggest health and natural food product events in the country!

Get to know the seven common poop shapes and what they mean about your health. Download our bathroom-friendly poop chart here.

We love that Enos saw the fun in what we do and also realized the serious benefits. “Most of us don’t get anywhere near the 40 to 50 grams of fiber we need each day nor do we get prebiotics,” she said. “Probiotics are fantastic for your immune system but if you don’t have prebiotics along with them the probiotics don’t grow.” She loved that Regular Girl gives you prebiotic fiber and probiotics in one convenient package. “It’s a little packet of fiber and probiotics that you can take with you.” Regular Girl contains 5 grams of prebiotic fiber plus 8 billion active probiotics. These clinically proven ingredients work together to promote wonderfully balanced gut health.

She added a packet of Regular Girl to a bottle of water to demonstrate how it dissolves crystal clear. “What’s wonderful about it is that it doesn’t look gummy and it has no flavor,” said Enos. That’s the beauty of Regular Girl. When mixed into water, yogurt, salad dressing or practically anything else*, Regular Girl is invisible.

Regular Girl uses a unique, gentle-on-your-belly fiber called Sunfiber. That’s why, unlike some other fiber supplements and many high-fiber foods, Regular Girl doesn’t cause excess gas or bloating. Sunfiber is a truly regulating fiber, meaning it helps food move through the body at just the right pace. Hello regularity, goodbye occasional tummy troubles!


* The true regulating benefits of Regular Girl are delivered from the soluble fiber which is very heat stable. High temperatures however, may decrease Regular Girl’s active probiotics. That’s why it’s best to add Regular Girl to foods and beverages that are lukewarm or cooler.

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    Regular Girl is a complete care system that’s uniquely formulated for women. Our products work with your body to support everything from regularity and gut health to overall balance and nutrition.


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