Uncomfortable yet educational bathroom chat shares the benefits of fiber

Alternative Health Expert Bryce Wylde

Everyone poops, but not everyone loves to talk about it! Alternative health expert Bryce Wylde, BSc, DHMHS didn’t hold back when chatting with Canadian TV host Cheryl Hickey during her Instagram Live. He explained that your poop’s shape, consistency and the bacteria within it, are all indicators of your gut health. He also explained how soluble fiber — he mentioned Sunfiber, the same kind that’s in Regular Girl! — may help you poo like a champ.

Wylde explained that your gut health and immune health are related: 80 percent of your immune system resides in your gut! Consuming soluble fiber supports your gut health by nourishing your microbiome. It also helps you stay regular and contributes to your overall wellness. 

To care for your gut, Wylde suggested following his 3-S rule: Enjoy a shake, soup and a salad every day. It’s a memorable way to get in the six cups of fruits and vegetables he recommends. In case you’re wondering about fiber, 25 to 37 grams a day are recommended, but most of us get only about half of what our bodies need. 

If you’re falling short on your fiber intake, Wylde suggested trying a fiber supplement that’s made with Sunfiber because it’s gentler on the system. Unlike some over-the-counter psyllium husk fibers, this ingredient won’t gel and be enjoyable to consume. If you’re a fan of Regular Girl, you know we’re all about delivering comfortable regularity.

According to Wylde, if you aren’t pooping at least once every three days, and if it’s not going into the toilet bowl like an Olympic diver, it might be time to consider your gut health. He suggested checking out the Bristol Stool Chart so you know what normal poop should look like. We suggest you check out our cute, pink version of the seven common poop shapes: Regular Girl’s Perfect Printable Poop Guide. It also answers some of those embarrassing questions you may not want to ask, but really need to know.

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