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The Regular Girl Summer Veggie Harvest Guide

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Featured, Wellness

Farmers markets are brimming with fresh veggies beckoning you to take home and enjoy. Our Regular Girl Summer Harvest Guide is your go-to resource for knowing which flavor bomb packs in the most fiber#, which are FODMAP friendly and how to store this bounty so it lasts, in case your eyes are WAY bigger than your stomach when you walk through the market. Yup, that happens to us too. 

Wondering about FODMAPs? Check out the Regular Girl’s guide to the low-FODMAP diet and our Fiber and FODMAPs white paper.

# The current adequate intake for dietary fiber is 25 grams/day for women and 38 grams/day for men. Most of us get just 10 to 15 grams per day. Need a boost? Check out our easy-to-take Regular Girl Prebiotic Fiber and Probiotic blend.


Fiber Low FODMAP? Eat Promptly (lasts about a week) Next week is ok

(best before 1 to 3 weeks)

For us procrastinators

(may last a month)

Artichokes 👍👍👍 X
Asparagus 👍 Store upright in a jar with the tips in water
Beets 👍 X
Broccoli 👍👍
Brussels Sprouts 👍👍 X
Cabbage 👍👍 X
Carrots 👍👍 😀😀 X
Cauliflower 👍👍 X
Celery 👍 😀 X
Cucumbers 👍 😀😀 X
Greens 👍👍 😀 X
Green Beans 👍👍 😀 X
Green Peas 👍👍👍 😀 X
Lima Beans 👍👍👍 😀 X
Onions 👍 X
Potatoes 👍👍 😀😀 X
Radishes 👍 😀😀 X
Red Peppers 👍 😀 X
Summer Squash 👍👍 😀 X
Tomatoes 👍 😀😀 X
Turnips 👍👍 😀 X

👍 <2 g/serving

👍👍 2-4 g/serving

👍👍👍 >4g/serving


😀 low-FODMAP, watch your serving size

😀😀 FODMAP free

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