Sunfiber’s brain-health benefits explained during CBS TV news interview

Salt Lake City-based KUTV viewers learned that fiber may support the brain by regulating blood sugar levels. As Dr. Jonny Bowden explained, “When you have high blood sugar, you have high insulin and that causes all kinds of problems from dementia to Alzheimer’s.” Bowden steered Salt Lake City viewers away from breads, which he called “fiber lightweights”, and encouraged them to eat more nuts, seeds, apples and vegetables. Most people only eat about four grams of fiber a day when, ideally, they need about 38. Stating that soluble fiber is “the hardest kind to get,” Bowden recommended supplementing with soluble Sunfiber. Bowden also proposed giving Sunfiber to teenagers for its health benefits. They may not even object because Sunfiber dissolves instantly in water, without impacting taste, odor or texture.

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