Skip fad diets! NBC TV segment links Sunfiber to weight loss

Trying to lose weight without resorting to a fad diet? Supplementing with Sunfiber may give you the boost you need. “[Fiber] helps you feel fuller longer,” explained registered dietitian Dr. Felicia Stoler during an interview on Orlando’s WESH 2 News Sunrise.

She added that fiber may help to maintain cholesterol levels. “But really, the fullness is the most important thing in keeping our gut healthy.”

You may have difficulty determining which foods pack the biggest fiber punch, and you wouldn’t be alone. Because many are overly processed, bread and pasta may not have as much fiber as you’d expect. High-fiber alternatives include quinoa, chia, and whole-grain pastas and breads. Stoler advised the audience to read the product’s label to determine how many grams of fiber it truly contains.

For some people, making conscious choices to eat more fiber is enough; others might find their diets needing a little extra. In that case, Stoler recommended Sunfiber: “What I like is that it’s soluble, [has] no flavor, and you can actually use this one in particular for baking.” Try baking homemade bread, free from preservatives and with an extra fiber boost. Or, mix this regulating fiber into your family’s beverages and watch it dissolve without leaving lumps behind. This is ideal for picky family members, but who really likes that gritty texture anyway?

Unlike other fiber supplements, Sunfiber actually helps your body absorb certain important minerals: magnesium and calcium. It also provides relief for both occasional diarrhea and constipation, making it a truly regulating fiber that will keep your body on track, without causing the bloating or gas associated with other types of fiber supplements.

“When everybody’s thinking about changing their weight, the one thing they worry about is being hungry,” Stoler concluded. Adding fiber to your diet could mean fewer in-between meals or late-night snacks that are keeping your weight loss at bay!

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