Rogue nutritionist teaches San Diego viewers healthy travel tips

As someone who travels extensively, Jonny Bowden, the Rogue Nutritionist, was well-prepared to teach XETV Channel 6 (a CW affiliate) viewers how to avoid digestive troubles and minimize stress while traveling. Bowden visited the studio to show San Diego Living host Lynda Martin how to make an easy and nutritious morning shake. Along with protein powder, Bowden included Sunfiber, a truly regulating fiber supplement that helps him reach the recommended daily intake. Sunfiber is taste-free, odor-free and color-free, and easily dissolves in beverages. He also had tips for unwinding at the end of the day. “Because stress is such a big part of travel, I like to carry my magic ingredient, Suntheanine,” he explained. Suntheanine is clinically proven to promote relaxation without causing drowsiness.

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