Regular Girl included in magazine’s list of top 2016 nutrition trends

Regular Girl included in magazine’s list of top 2016 nutrition trends

Do you see us blushing? We exhibited Regular Girl at a recent gathering of nutritionists and dietitians, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo is the world’s largest meeting of these health professionals. We received hundreds of thumbs-up during the event. Afterward, we were overjoyed that Kiwi Magazine’s registered dietitian Kate Geagan, MS, RDN, included our probiotic-packed powder in her top 2016 nutrition trends article. We’re so honored!

Geagan listed three noteworthy nutrition trends which may shape your future shopping lists:

  1. Beans: “As a powerhouse of nutrients (including protein, fiber, B vitamins, potassium, iron and more) beans may well be the bona fide superfood of 2016,” she wrote. We’re also fans of beans, especially as a gluten-free soluble fiber source. We use guar bean as Regular Girl’s fiber source. Our specially processed guar bean helps boost your dietary fiber intake without the uncomfortable gas or bloating sometimes associated with beans.
  1. Sprouted and raw foods: “Companies big and small are featuring these ingredients as part of a mission to bring more ‘living foods’ into the packaged food aisles,” Geagan wrote.
  1. Probiotics: “One of the most exciting frontiers in nutrition science today is studying our ‘bugs’ – and the microbiome may well be the mega-trend of 2016,” she wrote. “Microbial richness is a hot term in nutrition right now because it’s linked to a whole spectrum of health benefits.” Many probiotic-rich foods were exhibited at the Expo, but in her article Geagan chose to include our Regular Girl portable powders, “which you can slip into your bag and sprinkle into beverages when you’re on the go.”

Regular Girl was nutritionist-developed to support your digestive health. Our fiber source – which also acts as a prebiotic, supporting the growth of your microbiome – and our probiotics work together in harmony to help keep you at your best. That’s a trend worth keeping.

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