No passport needed to heed this travel tip shared on international news

No passport needed to heed this travel tip shared on international news - Regular Girl

It doesn’t matter where you travel. According to holistic pharmacist and author Sherry Torkos, any trip may result in tummy troubles. If you want to reduce the risk of spending your precious vacation days nursing an unsettled belly, consider boosting your gut health even before you pull out that suitcase. We were thrilled when Torkos told Global TV viewers that supplementing with Regular Girl helps keep your gut strong. We’re honored this jet-setting health expert appreciates our synbiotic blend of probiotics and prebiotic fiber.

Bathroom issues take the fun out of traveling. “We always hear about travelers’ diarrhea. That certainly is a problem when you are going to foreign countries, eating different foods and drinking the water,” Torkos said. The fruits and vegetables may not have been washed. Hygiene standards are different in different countries. Even at the five-star resort you can get travelers’ diarrhea. All it takes is someone using the facilities, not washing their hands then touching your food. Those E. coli bacteria can start to grow and fester in your gut.”

Having a healthy gut may help reduce the risk of such tummy troubles. “Keep your gut defenses strong,” stressed Torkos. “Think about prebiotic fibers and probiotics.” Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that reside in the gut. “Prebiotics are what feed the probiotics,” she explained before offering the host a glass of water which included a scoop of Regular Girl. (Of course, you couldn’t see the Regular Girl because it’s crystal clear when mixed with water or any other food or beverage.)

Regular Girl may also help you get your body into swimsuit shape. Its prebiotic fiber helps you feel fuller longer, so you’re less likely to snack. And it’s gentle on your insides, so you don’t need to worry about embarrassing excess gas or bloating. “I love this fiber. It’s clear-mixing, tasteless, odorless, colorless, gluten-free and non-GMO,” said Torkos. “It helps keeps things regular.”

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