Increasing your soluble fiber without the associated discomforts

There are a lot of healthful reasons to increase your soluble fiber intake, from digestive health to potentially lowering your risk of some chronic diseases. But some people still shy away from adding more high-fiber foods to their diets, or using fiber supplements, because they fear the bloating and flatulence that they may cause. The practical solution to this dilemma is to supplement your diet with Sunfiber.

Flatulence is commonly a by-product of undigested food or the breakdown of certain food components. For some people, eating foods such as beans and cabbage can be particularly troublesome. (High-fat fast foods may also cause sluggish digestion, allowing gas to build up in your intestines.) And if you suddenly increase your fiber intake, your body may react by producing even more gas!

If you decide to opt out on eating more baked beans, what about fiber supplements? Unlike Sunfiber, some other fiber supplements may also cause uncomfortable side effects including gas and diarrhea.

The Sunfiber difference
Sunfiber can help you get more fiber in your diet without the gas and bloating that people commonly experience when increasing their daily fiber intake. It’s a truly regulating fiber, meaning it helps to reduce both constipation and diarrhea. It also improves the absorption of important minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc.

And one more important benefit? You won’t have to deal with the gritty, chalky, clumpy goop of some fiber supplements. Sunfiber is taste-free, color-free and odor-free. It dissolves completely with no funny mouth feel.

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