Healthy snacks for planes, trains and automobiles shared on NBC

Healthy snacks for planes, trains and automobiles shared on NBC

Snacks make vacations more fun. And if you plan ahead, your munchies can be nutritious as well as delicious. Hy-Vee registered dietitian Ryan Weiler provided a Twin Cities audience with helpful on-the-go snacking tips when he appeared on their NBC news. He even shared a recipe with a secret ingredient which made us blush!

Healthy snacks for road trips and other vacays

Fresh fruit and veggies: “I wouldn’t be a dietitian unless I plugged my fruits and veggies,” said Weiler. He suggests putting washed and cut produce into single-serving bags to make it easier to dine on the dash. Consider freezing berries, bananas and other fruits. It will helps keep them longer.

Nuts: Mixed nuts and almonds are great choices because they contain healthy fats, protein and fiber. Because it’s easy to overindulge (a serving is only ¼ cup), Weiler suggests packing these into single-serving bags, too.

Salty snacks and chips: Scour the grocery aisles for a healthier twist on the common chip such as snacks made with beans or sweet potatoes. “Tweaking the ingredients gives you more bang for your buck,” explained Weiler, “more protein and fiber.”

We thought the real star was his suggestion to prepare our maple-spiked chocolate hummus!

Get the recipe here.

Weiler loved how easy it is to sneak Regular Girl into this recipe, as well as into most beverages or other recipes. “You don’t taste it, but you’re getting all the good fiber and getting the probiotics,” he explained. Each serving of our great-tasting dessert hummus contains 5 grams of soluble fiber plus 8 billion clinically proven probiotics. This can help you keep your GI system in balance and may help keep those tummy troubles away while you travel.

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