Health pro advises viewers to feed their second brain for more energy

Health pro advises viewers to feed their second brain for more energy

Getting more energy may be as simple as feeding your brain; but not the one in your head. Feed your other brain: the one in your belly. That’s the message nutritional biochemist Shawn Talbott, PhD, LDN, FACSM shared with Arizona morning TV viewers. He explained that high-fiber food, as well as the soluble fiber and probiotics in Regular Girl, keep your gut – home of your second brain – balanced and happy. And just as important, this sends a signal to the rest of your body that you are feeling good and full of energy.

Talbott, author of The Secret of Vigor, wants people to feel their best even when under energy-zapping stress. “I want people to understand that the way they eat can really affect their energy level,” he said. “I’m talking about controlling stress in two places: the brain and the gut. People often forget about the gut.”

Caring for your gut supports more than your digestive health. “There’s a whole new area of research, called the gut-brain axis,” explained Talbott. We now know that biochemical messages are exchanged between your belly and your brain. “If you eat fiber, it’s going to keep that brain in your gut happy. And that’s going to signal energy to the rest of your body.”

High-fiber foods such as green, leafy vegetables; whole grain breads; apples and berries help feed your second brain. “Beans are also a great solution for getting more fiber into your diet,” added Talbott. The quantity of food concerned the host, who admitted to skipping meals. We were thrilled Talbott suggested supplementing with Regular Girl. “This is a fantastic new kind of fiber (supplement),” he said motioning to our soluble fiber and probiotic blend. 

Talbott likes the fact that Regular Girl is easy to take. “One of the problems with getting fiber is that people don’t like the way it tastes. It may taste like cardboard or be goopy,” he said. Regular Girl dissolves crystal clear in water. It doesn’t change the taste or texture. “It’s like there is not even fiber in there,” he said. “You can get the benefits of fiber for your gut and the good bacteria for that second brain. This will make your body feel more energized.”




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