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Fermented foods 101: Basic facts about this trendy food

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Health, Lifestyle, Wellness

Sure, some of them may smell a little funny, but that’s not stopping fermented foods from skyrocketing in popularity. Kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt and other cultured foods are all the rage. Why? Because they are chock full of beneficial microorganisms which support your overall health, starting in your digestive tract. Before you down another bottle of kombucha with a slice of sourdough, get the facts. You may be surprised to learn that Regular Girl is the perfect complement to these super-powered foods.

Fermentation is natural

Fermentation is the natural process microorganisms use to break down one substance into a simpler substance. For example, yeast converts sugar to alcohol during winemaking. Bacteria convert sugar to acid to make yogurt. This process also makes yeast bread rise. These same microorganisms are also known to promote a healthy gut.

Supermarket fermented foods may not contain live beneficial organisms

Beneficial bacteria may have been used to create your pickles, but that doesn’t mean those good bugs are still in the jar on your grocer’s shelf. Many products found in the supermarket have been pasteurized, destroying any friendly organisms they once contained. To get the good-bug benefits of fermented foods, look for products labeled “live cultures”. Don’t forget: Regular Girl contains probiotics called Bifidobacterium lactis. This good guy is a well-studied probiotic.

Beneficial bacteria support more than your digestive health

Our bodies are loaded with bacteria. Many of these reside in your gut and aid digestion by helping the body break down foods and absorb essential nutrients. Researchers are also studying how your gut flora affects your other systems, such as your immune system. Beneficial bacteria may also affect your brain health, and may even improve brain function and reduce anxiety.

Fermented foods aren’t the only way to support your gut flora

Some dietary fibers, called prebiotic fibers, support the growth and stimulate the activity of beneficial bacteria. This prebiotic fiber is present in pears, artichokes, oats and onions. This is also the type of fiber used in Regular Girl. When you add Regular Girl to your daily routine, you’re supporting the beneficial bacteria that you consumed snacking on yogurt and kimchi. Regular Girl’s prebiotic fiber and helpful probiotics work in synbiotic balance to help you feel balanced and in control.

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