Comedian doesn’t joke with readers: Your poop shape matters.

Comedian doesn’t joke with readers: Your poop shape matters.

Let’s talk poop. A late-night stand-up act may throw in a joke or two about this bodily function. Your seven-year-old nephew may also have a knack for poop jokes. But we really like how comedian Alison Zeidman, a writer for Brit + Co, covered the topic in her recent article. Zeidman had a Q & A with registered dietitian nutritionist and exercise physiologist Felicia Stoler to find out more about what this deed means to your overall health. It made our day when Stoler suggested boosting your gut health with fiber and probiotics. “My favorite hack is to carry Regular Girl wherever I go,” said Stoler. “It’s a synbiotic blend of prebiotic guar fiber and active probiotics.” Aw, we’re blushing!

Ziedman asked Stoler those questions you have about poop but are afraid to ask:

How often should you be going number two?

“People are often confused about regularity, but it’s simple,” answered Stoler. “Follow the three-three rule: You should go no more than three times a day, and no less than once every three days.”

Should it sink or float?

“It should do a steady submarine dive into the toilet bowl, without a lot of splashes or noise. If it floats too much, that’s an indication of poor nutrient absorption,” said Stoler. “If it sinks too quickly, it’s a sign you may not be getting enough fiber.”

What are some of the minor and major health issues an “abnormal” number two could indicate?

Stoler pointed to a lack of dietary fiber. “We need 35 grams of fiber daily, but most of us get just 10 to 15 grams.”

Stoler explained that consuming adequate fiber – she’s a big fan of eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day – and caring for your gut’s beneficial bacteria helps your body produce healthy poo. (Check out our poop shape guide here.) That’s why Regular Girl is her favorite hack. Regular Girl’s blend of fiber and beneficial bacteria supports your gut health because uncomfortable irregularity, bloating and excess gas is no laughing matter.

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