Celeb weight-loss pro tells Fox TV about a high-fiber breakfast

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Celebrity fitness expert Lisa Lynn has inspired millions to get in shape. Appearing on San Antonio’s Daytime Nine, she suggested a simple high-fiber breakfast swap that may help you drop a few pounds and manage your digestive woes. Lynn, author of The Metabolism Solution, loves Regular Girl’s truly regulating prebiotic fiber, called Sunfiber. Now you may have the willpower to say no to the mid-morning snacks in the breakroom. A breakfast shake made with Regular Girl may help you manage your weight by helping you to feel fuller. That’s in addition to promoting good intestinal health.

Losing weight can be a challenge, but Lynn says you just need to work at it. “We all have a friend who can eat whatever she wants, and doesn’t go to the gym and gets away with it. That’s a sign of a gifted genetic metabolism,” she said. “I’m not that girl. I require a lot of maintenance.” Lynn shared a tip which helped her lose 40 pounds and keep it off.

Your morning meal can help or hinder your weight-loss efforts. “The first mistake women make is at breakfast,” said Lynn. Choosing yogurt instead of a bagel may not be as wise as you think. “There is about six to ten teaspoons of sugar in yogurt,” said Lynn who advised reading labels because all yogurts are different. “My recommendation is that yogurt is a phenomenal dessert: treat it as such.” Lynn suggests a high-protein, low-sugar breakfast shake using a pure whey powder. “It’s a 25 percent metabolic boost,” she said. Lynn suggests adding Sunfiber to your breakfast shake, but now that there’s Regular Girl, you can get the benefits of probiotics in addition to Sunfiber’s prebiotic benefits. Sunfiber also assists with both occasional diarrhea and constipation.

You can get all these benefits with no side effects. Regular Girl is odorless and colorless when mixed in water. It can also be sprinkled on your morning cereal. Lynn noted that many people, including kids, are struggling with bowel issues. “That’s a sign of a metabolic issue, so we have to address it,” she said. Lynn’s high-fiber shake does not contain fruit, but it’s very good for your health. “This boosts your metabolism and blocks cortisol so you lose belly fat. This will help you lose a pound a day,” she added.

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