Canadian medicine cabinet snoop is looking for Regular Girl

Canadian medicine cabinet snoop is looking for Regular Girl

Some things north of the border are different. Bryce Wylde, a highly respected homeopathic doctor and trusted, medical advisor, admitted on Canada’s Breakfast Television that he snoops in family members’ medicine cabinets. We usually keep that info to ourselves here in the States. To his defense, he did claim that he just wants to help his family use remedies wisely. Wylde is concerned about misuse of over-the-counter medication. That’s why he’s on a mission to educate people about natural, evidence-based solutions. We’re proud that Regular Girl gets his approval. Our prebiotic fiber and probiotic blend helps keep you belly blissfully balanced, no matter what life throws at you.  

It’s no surprise that people in both countries suffer from digestive issues, such as occasional constipation or diarrhea. Harsh over-the-counter products don’t have to be your first choice for relief. To help with occasional constipation, Wylde said going for a run may help, as may drinking coffee. “One a day,” he added, “too much is not good.”  But while these options may make you go, they don’t help resolve the underlying issue.

Changing your diet, however, may provide consistent relief. Wylde suggested eating more high-fiber grains, fruits and vegetables. “We are not getting enough roughage,” he lamented.

Binging on salads won’t be enough to solve your bathroom woes. In addition to the insoluble fiber found in greens, your body need soluble fiber. This can be a challenge if you eat a typical North American diet. “We only get one-third the soluble fiber we need,” said Wylde who then introduced Regular Girl to the morning show’s viewers.

Regular Girl’s soluble fiber helps food move through your body at just the right pace, not too slow or too fast. It also feeds the good bacteria in your gut, which support a healthy GI tract.

And unlike other products often found in medicine cabinets, such as psyllium fiber supplements, Regular Girl is gentle on your belly. “It’s not stimulating. It doesn’t cause bloating. It doesn’t cause gas,” said Wylde. “You can get regular as well as reduce the bloat.”

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