Avoid the number 3s by using this recently televised diet tip

Avoid the number 3s by using this recently televised diet tip

When you spend most of your day wearing a bikini in front of a camera you do your best to ward off extra pounds and bloating. To stay trim, you quickly learn what to eat and what to avoid. Actress turned food scientist Leila Arcieri mastered this game when she starred on Howard Stern’s Son of a Beach. As a guest on Good Day Sacramento, she shared her favorite diet tips. Our favorite? Using Regular Girl! She loves how it fills you up and helps you avoid the number 3s.

Familiar with #1 and #2, but perplexed by #3? Join the crowd

Sugar substitutes help you cut calories, but they also may cause gas, bloating and other unpleasantries. Arcieri avoided them when on the set. “I was so frustrated because I was depriving myself of the things that I love,” she said. That was her inspiration for Stir, a natural sweetener which contains vitamins, minerals and soluble fiber.

We beamed when her attention turned to Regular Girl. “This fiber doesn’t give you gas or bloating,” she said. “It doesn’t give you the number 3s,” she joked. The hosts laughed despite their confusion. “You don’t know what that means? A number 3 is a number 2, but it seems like a number 1,” she explained with a smile. Regular Girl helps move food through your body at just the right pace.

Arcieri’s belly-baring diet tips

Soluble fiber is a diet cheat because it helps you avoid mindless snacking. “It gives you that feeling of satiety,” explained Arcieri. “Fiber is one of the things that we need most in our diet. Prebiotic fiber especially because it feeds the good bacteria in our gut,” she said. “This helps our immune system.”
She shared a few more bikini-ready diet tips. “Instead of sour cream in your chip dip, use Greek yogurt. Instead of mayonnaise, use avocado,” she said. “Skip the croutons on your salad to save some calories. Use some pine nuts and a little salt. You’ll get that yummy flavor,” she added. “And instead of slathering butter on your corn on the cob, add a little lime, salt and pepper. It’s delicious.”

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