Drained? Dietitian tells Jersey viewers about a healthy power source.

healthy power source

Many of us spend the holiday season rushing from one store to another. We may take a break to mingle at a party or decorate the tree. We may even pause to chuckle at a cute ‘Santa Cat’ card. Then we worry about when we’ll find the energy to mail our own holiday greetings. As registered dietitian nutritionist Felicia Stoler, DCN, MS, RD, FACSM told New Jersey’s 12 to Your Health viewers, you don’t need energy drinks to get through the season. Easy-to-use Regular Girl may be the healthy power source you need to race through your holiday to-do list.

Many energy drinks are loaded with large amounts of caffeine and sugar. While they may give you a boost, they may not be the healthiest addition to your diet. Another option is to amp up your diet. “This time of year, it’s important to consume low-glycemic and high-fiber foods,” said Stoler.

The celebrity wellness expert is a big fan of fiber. “Fiber helps lower your cholesterol,” she said. “It also helps manage the glycemic index of foods, and it helps you to feel fuller longer.” Getting adequate fiber also helps you stay regular. When your insides are functioning well, you may have the confidence and energy you need to get that pile of holiday cards addressed.

Fill up on your favorite seasonal foods such as winter squash and apples. They’re loaded with fiber. So are beans, but if they don’t agree with your digestive system – who wants to feel gassy or bloated over the holidays? – you have options. We were pleased when Stoler also suggested Regular Girl as healthy fiber source. “I love that it’s a gluten-free, prebiotic fiber with added probiotics,” said Stoler. Regular Girl contains six grams of clinically proven Sunfiber which supports intestinal health without any embarrassing side effects. Regular Girls also contains synbiotic probiotics to help maintain balance. “It’s a great way to give your colon a workout,” she said.

Regular Girl is available in a convenient pouch or grab-and-go packets. “I love that it comes in these single-serve packets,” Stoler beamed. “You don’t even have to measure it out.” Just sprinkle Regular Girl into your favorite non-carbonated beverage or onto your food. You’ll notice no change in its taste, texture or flavor, but you may notice a more energized you.


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