Reality TV you can relate to: What sugar does to your body

Reality TV you can relate to: What sugar does to your body

Avoiding sugar is hard, especially when you have a sweet tooth the size of a reality TV star’s ego. But it is the best thing to do for your health and your waistline. We love this explanation of what sugar does to your body from alternative health expert Bryce Wylde. Our favorite part was when he told the San Antonio Living viewers how Regular Girl helps your body manage that impossible-to-resist sweet stuff.

Sugary foods quickly raise your blood sugar

Even if you stay away from candies, cookies and ice cream, sugar is hard to avoid because it’s hidden in so many foods from pasta sauce to bread. “There’s something we need to do when we’re consuming sugar as a nation,” said Wylde. “We need to increase the fiber in our diet. Why? Because fiber will slow down the transit of sugar from our (digestive) system into our blood stream.”

The glycemic index defines how quickly a food raises your blood sugar. A food with a high glycemic index causes glucose levels to rise rapidly, a sugar spike. “Bananas have a really high one. And white bread has a higher glycemic index than sugar,” explained Wylde. Regularly consuming foods with a high glycemic value may lead to weight gain, diabetes and heart disease. “Adding fiber into your diet will really slow it down,” he said. Studies have shown how Regular Girl’s soluble fiber reduces the glycemic index of foods.

Sugar may damage your gut health

But that’s not all. “The sugar may cause dysbiosis, an imbalance of good and bad bacteria,” said Wylde. Regular Girl helps keep your body in balance. “This has a prebiotic soluble fiber and a probiotic which is the good bacteria,” he said. Regular’s Girl soluble fiber actually does double duty. In addition to slowing down the sugar, it “feeds those good bacteria,” said Wylde. “This helps keep your immune system in check and helps deal with the ramifications of sugar.”


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