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  • Let’s boost our kids’ fiber intake, too

    Let’s boost our kids’ fiber intake, too

    Help your kids boost their fiber intake with this smart advice from Registered dietitian and nutritionist Felicia Stoler. This article was featured on Sure, we know we need more fiber. But here’s a news flash: Our kids probably need more fiber, too. In fact,…Read More

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What is Your Poop Telling You?

Believe it or not, your poop is a window into your health. In everything from its shape and consistency to its smell and color, your poop is the best indicator of your gut health. It’s time to listen to your poop, and we’re here to help! There are seven common poop shapes. Some indicate superb digestive health; others, not so much. Download our stool chart to see what your poop is telling you. Your body will thank you.